43 Medium Curly Hair Ideas That are Perfectly on Point

1: Layered Shoulder Length for Curly Hair

Layering is the key to making any medium to long length curly hair work in your favor. It gives much needed shape and helps with curl definition.
Layered Shoulder Length for Curly Hair

2: Cheeky Curly Bob

A great way to do your hair in a fun, girlish way. Such curly hair styles show the world how ready you are to enjoy your life and soak in the positive vibes! The haircut is medium length, so you will feel comfortable even during the hottest day of the year.
Fun Medium-Length Curly Hair

3: Inverted Curly Bob on Medium Length Hair

Give this inverted curly bob a try when trying to give your medium length locks a better shape. This cut keeps the fullness without allowing the curly hair to become bulky. Always use a styling cream to reduce the frizz and define the curls. Feel free to paint the tresses a blonde color, too, for a fresher looking finish.
Inverted Curly Bob Haircut on Medium Length Hair

4: Curly Bob

This takes curly medium length layered cuts to the highest levels by going all out with highlights and lowlights! Finish with a layered back and impressively painted straight bangs in the front for the perfect look.
A Medium Layered Curly Bob Haircut

5: 80S Inspired Curls

Those voluminous curls and bangs are something! The medium length cut and scrunched curls transition perfectly from day to night. If your face is oval, you may afford extra volume all around your face.
Medium Curly Layered Hairstyle

6: Face-Framing Layers

Face-Framing Layers
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7: Long Bob Haircut

Curly Bob Hairstyle
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8: Medium Length Hair

Medium Culy Haircuts
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9: Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly Hair with Bangs
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10: Medium Hair Style

Medium Length Hair with Bangs
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11: Medium Culy Hairstyle

Medium Culy Hairstyle
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12: Medium Culy Hairstyle

Messy Hairstyle
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13: Summer Hairstyle

Medium Culy Hair Cut
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14: Medium Curly Hair

Medium Brown Hair
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15: Summer Hairstyle

Curly Shoulder Style
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16: Medium Curly

Dark Brown Curly Long Bob Thick Curly Hair
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17: Black Curly Hair

Blonde Curly Hair
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18: Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair

Medium Curly Hairstyle for Women
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19: Medium Length Curls

Shoulder Length Curls
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20: Curly Hair with Bangs

Shoulder Length Curly Hair
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21: Long Curly Hair

Curly Hair with Bangs
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22: Medium Curly

Thick Curly Hair
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23: Long Layered Cuts

Layered Curls
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24: Permed Hairstyle

Haircut for Curly Hair
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25: Medium Curly Hair

Medium Curly Hair
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26: Haircut for Curly Hair

Haircut for Curly Hair
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27: Medium Curly Hair

Side Curly Hairstyle
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28: Hair Cut for Medium Culy Hair

Hair Cut for Medium Culy Hair
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29: Layered Haircut for Medium Hair

Medium Shaggy Haircut
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30: Layered Bob Hairstyle

Hairstyle for Women Over 40
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31: Curly Caramel Hair with Blonde Highlights

Curly Caramel Hair with Blonde Highlights
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32: Long Curly Hair

Cute Hairstyle for Medium Hair
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33: Mid Length Curly Hairstyle

Curly Hair Style
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34: Shaggy Haircut

Hairstyle for Women Over 50
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35: Celebrity Hairstyle

Classic Hairstyle
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36: Medium Curly Haircut

Curly Shag Haircut
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37: Best Shag Hairstyle

Cute Shag Haircut
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38: Trendy Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle for Thick
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39: Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly Hair Style Easy
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40: Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Medium Layered Inverted Bob Inverted Bob Hairstyle
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41: Curly Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Bob Curly Haircut
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42: Haircut for Curly Hair

Medium Curly Hairstyle for Women
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43: Curly Shag Haircut

Shaggy Curly Hair
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