50 Stunning Medium Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

1: Wedding Bun for Short Hair

Add some accessories, and voila, you have a wedding updo for medium hair! White flowers, a line of pearls, or a delicate barrette can be added to lift this basic style.
Short Wedding Hair Updo

2: Voluminous Updo for Medium Short Hair

This style is perfect for weddings and proms. With a few hairpins and a refined accessory, you can become the center of attention.
Medium Short Hair Updo for A Wedding

3: Orchids and A Veil

Flowers will enhance the fresh and tender feel of your beach hairstyle, and the simple fine veil will look divine when flowing in the breeze for the most beautiful wedding images. The dress and hairstyle, in this case, shouldn’t be overloaded with details.
Beach Wedding Hairstyle with Flowers and Veil

4: Dimensional Waves In Half Up Wedding Hairstyles

If you fan the popular today bronding hair color solutions, your wedding hair will look amazing in dimensional waves. The fabulous texture of the rigid waves is the wow factor of this gorgeous hairstyle. But the dyeing procedure should certainly be planned beforehand.
Wavy Wedding Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

5: Flower Tiara with Short Wavy Hair

A flower crown will make you feel no less than a princess. Even a bride with can wear her favorite flowers as a tiara for the wedding day. The messy fishtail takes care of the long curly bangs that would otherwise fall into the face. Be a gorgeous boho bride exploring the manifold ideas of this popular trend!
Messy Ombre Bob Wedding Hairstyle

6: Elegant Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle Medium Hair
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7: Half Up Wedding Hair

Wedding Hairstyle
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8: Bride Hairstyle

Retro Hairstyle
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9: Loose Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup
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10: Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers

Medium Length Hairstyle
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11: Mid Hairstyle

Middle Part Hairstyle
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12: Braids for Medium Hair

Medium Hair Updo
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13: Long Fringe Hairstyle

Choppy Bob Hairstyle with Bangs
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14: Up Dos for Medium Hair

Low Braided Wedding Updo
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15: Half Up Half Down Medium Length Hair

Half Up Half Down Medium Length Hair
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16: Prom Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Braided Half Updo for A Medium Bob Pulled Back Hairstyle
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17: Hair Plaits

Pretty & Soft Blue Winter Barn Wedding Ideas
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18: Medium Braids

Wedding Updo for Medium Hair Medium Brown Hair
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19: French Braid Medium Hair

Braid Front Of Hair
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20: Braided Hairstyle for Wedding

Medium Wedding Hair
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21: Medium Wedding Hair

Medium Wedding Hair
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22: Cute Wedding Hairstyle

Cute Wedding Hairstyle
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23: Medium Dyed Hair

Medium Dyed Hair
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24: Hair Color Dark

Natalie Portman Medium Straight Hair
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25: Medium Length Curls

Shoulder Length Curls
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26: Braided Hairstyle

Concert Hairstyle
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27: Wedding Hair Side

Bridal Hair Down
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28: Medium Hair Cut for Women

Haircut for Older Women
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29: Oval Face Hairstyle

Side Bangs Hairstyle
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30: Pretty Hairstyle

Stylish Shoulder Length Hair. Side Bangs
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31: Mid Length Hair

Medium Length Wavy Hair
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32: Medium Wedding Hairstyles

Medium Wedding Hairstyles
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33: Haircut for Thin Fine Hair

Fine Hair Bangs
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34: Shoulder Hair

Above Shoulder Length Hair
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35: Medium Wedding Hairstyles

Medium Wedding Hairstyles
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36: Medium Wavy Bob

Wavy Inverted Bob
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37: Medium Shag Hairstyle

Layered Haircut for Medium Hair
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38: Girl Medium Hair

Prom Hairstyle for Medium Hair
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39: Straight Hairstyle

Waterfall Indian Hairstyle
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40: Best Medium Haircut

Cool Medium Hairstyle
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41: Straight Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle
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42: Pretty Hairstyle

Scarf Hairstyle
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43: Medium Hair Style

Medium Hair Cut
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44: Medium Hair Style

Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Medium Length Hair
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45: Medium Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Medium Curly Wedding Hairstyle
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46: Half Up Wedding Hair

Medium Bridal Hair
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47: Medium Layered Haircut

Eva Longoria Formal Long Wavy Hairstyle Haircut
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48: Medium Curly Haircut

Medium Haircut Styles
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49: Medium Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Medium Bridesmaid Hairstyles
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50: Half Up Half Down Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
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