70 Medium Brown Hair Color That Are Dominating in 2022

1: Sandy Brown

Come fall, update a plain brown base with caramel babylights. You’ll be looking like a warm cup of caramel latte in no time.
Sandy Brown

2: Light Ash Brown

Not ready to buy a one way ticket to cool brown town? This baby ash bronde is the perfect way to ease into the trend. Ask for subtle balayage that focuses around the face and on the ends.
Light Ash Brown

3: Light Brown Hair with A Lot Of Blonde Highlights

An alternative to dyeing your whole head a different color is to have a bunch of highlights all over your head.
Light Brown Hair with Balayage Highlights

4: Brown Hair İn A Cocoa Hue

Warm and fuzzy, cocoa makes you think of hot drinks by the fireplace, but it’s also one of the best shades of brown! ıts ideal for fair skinned people but generally works for everyone!
Medium Cocoa Brown Hair

5: Medium Ash Brown Hair Color

Freshen up your long bob with this medium ash brown color ! The outcome will appear subtle yet glorious at the same time. Add waves for extra texture to prevent your shoulder length, straight hair from looking flat.
Medium Ash Brown Hair Color

6: Bangs with Medium Hair

Lob with Blunt Cut Layers Medium Hair Braids
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7: Hair Color Dark

Ombre Hair Color
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8: Brown Blonde Hair

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
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9: Side Swept

Blonde Brown Ombre
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10: Medium Layered Hair

Layered Curly Hair
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11: Medium Blonde Brown Hair Color

Medium Blonde Brown Hair Color
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12: Brown Blonde Balayage

Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage
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13: Brown Blonde Hair

Blonde Brown Hair Looks
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14: Medium Ash Brown Hair

Ash Brown Hair with Highlights
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15: Grey Brown Hair

Ash Gray Hair Color
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16: Blonde Brown Hair

Light Brown
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17: Blonde Brown Hair with Highlights

Blonde Brown Hair with Highlights
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18: Medium Length Blonde

Haircut for Medium Length Hair
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19: Ombre Hair Color

Brown Ombre Hair
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20: Balayage Hair Brunette with Blonde

Dark Brown to Blonde Balayage
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21: Medium Hairstyle Color Brown Hair Balayage

Brown Balayage Hair Designs for Medium Length Hair
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22: Ash Blonde Brown Balayage

Layered Haircut
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23: Brown Blonde Hair

Brown Blonde Hair
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24: Dark Blonde Hair

Haircut for Medium Brown Hair
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25: Hair Color Balayage

Medium Shag with Brown Balayage
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26: Long Layered

Medium Textured Bob
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27: Hair Color Balayage

Brown and Blonde Hair Ideas
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28: Brown Blonde Hair

Brown Hair Balayage
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29: Hair Color Balayage

Balayage Hair Caramel
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30: Brown Hair Colors

Medium Dark Brown Hair with Subtle Balayage Hair Color and Cut
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31: Brown Blonde Hair

Brown Hair Balayage
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32: Dyed Hair Ombre

Medium Dyed Hair
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33: Curly Hair Style

Medium Hair Style
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34: Balayage Brunette

Medium-Length Brown Hairstyle
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35: Hair Cut Thick Hair

Stunning Medium Length Brunette Hairstyle
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36: Brown Hairstyle

Dark Brown Lob with Caramel Highlights
Source: pinterest.com/pin/633387434531572/

37: Brown Blonde Hair

Brown Hair Balayage
Source: pinterest.com/pin/13229392643011299/

38: Blonde Brown Hair for Hazel Eyes

Hazel Eyes Hair Color
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39: Brown Hair with Highlights

Brown Bob with Strawberry Blonde Highlights
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40: Balayage Hair Blonde Medium

Balayage Hair Copper
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41: Hair Color Dark

Hair Color Highlights
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42: Medium Hair Cut

Bangs with Medium Hair
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43: Brown Hair

Brown Highlights
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44: Haircut and Color

Hair Color and Cut
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45: Medium Hair Cut

Medium Length Hair Style
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46: Hairstyle Haircut

Dark Medium Length Hair with Light Brown Ombre
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47: Brown Hair

Brown Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/843439836471764734/

48: Shoulder Length

Blond Highlights
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49: Brown Blonde Hair

Brown Blonde Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/534591418279966858/

50: Balayage Hair Blonde

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51: Haircut for Medium Hair

Medium Brown Layered Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/913738211868608451/

52: Brown Blonde Hair

Brown Hair Balayage
Source: pinterest.com/pin/373024781641026797/

53: Ash Blonde Balayage

Dark Ash Blonde Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/713890978441262497/

54: Balayage Brunette

Brown Hair Balayage
Source: pinterest.com/pin/365917538481392023/

55: Medium Hair Style

Caramel Hair Highlights
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56: Layered Bob Hairstyle

Long Choppy Brown Balayage Bob
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57: Hair Color Balayage

Brown Hair Balayage
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58: Hair Color Balayage

Brown Hair Balayage
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59: Medium Hair Cut

Easy Hair Cut
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60: Medium Layered Hairstyle

Medium Layered Hairstyle
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61: Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers

Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers
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62: Latest Hairstyle

Choppy Haircut
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63: Brown Hair with Highlights

Golden Brown Hair Color
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64: Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers

Wavy Mid Length Hair
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65: Balayage Brunette

Brown Hair Balayage
Source: pinterest.com/pin/362328732530218375/

66: Hair Color Dark

Medium Brown Hair Color
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67: Medium Bob Hairstyle

Angled Bob Haircut
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68: Hairstyle with Glasses

Dark Brown Hair with Random Caramel Highlights Bangs and Glasses
Source: pinterest.com/pin/56717276533898674/

69: Cute Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Haircut for Medium Length Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/155655730863240584/

70: Long Bob Hairstyle

Long Bob Haircut
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